To the Explorers

To the Explorers

by Angus King

When I think about what makes cycling stand out from all the other adventure sports, it comes down to one thing. Cycling is the ideal way to explore the outdoors.

Sure, riding is good for our physical and mental wellbeing but it’s the ability to go far and off-route that is so fundamentally appealing to me. Seeing new lanes, taking on new climbs and looping round once more to find a good spot for a caffeine hit - that’s the perfect ride. 

The pursuit of exploring was where I fell in love with cycling and where I continue to find the motivation to ride. Often I have wandered down the wrong path of riding to only become faster and stronger but the only thing that goes really fast is the ambition to have a killer FTP. I am not a performance athlete at heart. I just want to be outdoors on my bike, somewhere new.

And Moment is how I want to share this message. 

Moment exists for the explorers. Not exclusively for the fast nor slow, just for the ones who seek to see the world on two wheels.

I’m lucky to be on the Welsh border. Snowdonia, The Peaks, The Lakes, and not forgetting the Yorkshire Dales, are easily accessible and vast places to discover. It’s these areas of outstanding beauty so perfect for riding, where magic happens and my energy comes from. 

It is the coming together to ride and discover places like these that inspired Moment cycling apparel. Creating a comfortable and high-end fabric kit range that completes the triple; beautiful scenery, a trusted set of wheels, and well-performing Italian-made cycling kit. 

That’s harmony.